Callum Bibby


Callum became the first BMX rider other than Ryan to join the Collective Bikes family. Callum’s strong online cult followers backed him on his move to join Collective Bikes. A Great relationship was built between Callum and Ryan in the meantime as friends. When Collective Bikes released the RT1 Pro parts range of aftermarket BMX parts Callum was heavily involved in testing and received the first parts along with Ryan. Callum has been crucial spreading the word and showing the core BMX scene how good the Collective Bikes RT1 parts are and portrayed the brand amazingly. And has solidly become a part of the family and frequently comes down from the north of England to London to hang out with the team and make himself part of the family, while creating content for his YouTube.


Callum Bibby



D.O.B: 11/09/1997 

Location: Preston  

Current Bike: Collective Bikes RT1 - Have been having great rides on this bike since September 2018 feels so solid & responsive


Inspiration? Kriss Kyle & Alex Hiam were two riders i mainly looked up to when I was younger, theses day seeing people progress when riding gives me the motivation to rider harder.


Advice to a younger version of yourself? To keep your life balanced, too much of anything will drive you crazy. Have different outlets to keep yourself entertain everything else will fall into place. 


Must have when riding? A good group of homies to ride with ! That’s what keeps the session alive it’s always a must to have a great group of my mates when riding.


Go to riding shoe? I rode in sk8 hi pro Vans & old Skool Vans for a very long time there not the longest lasting shoe but you sacrifice that for the feel of vans nothing compares!


First bike? My first “proper” bmx bike was a premium death trap. 


"Spot to ride before you die?" 100% Rubens skatepark in Malaga that place is Litterally a dream skatepark for me.


Lifegoal? At this present moment bmx is we’re I want to make a career so I’m still pushing as hard as I can to make that possible. But overall life goal I think being successful & happy with what ever I have is my end goal always be grateful someone has less.


What are you doing if you are not riding? I like to keep myself as active as I can off the bike as I am off it I’m strong believer in that activity is what motivates people to push further. I spend my a lot of my time in the gym outside of riding.

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