Ryan Taylor is teaching you how to do a 360 in the desert of Dubai with his bmx bike the RT1 on our Youtube channel, Collective bikes. Check it out if you want to bring your bike skills to the next level! If you have not seen the last video about how to 180 then watch it first, to make this trick easier for you. 

There are three steps to learn the 360 on your bike. Ryan Taylor will show you step by step how to do it, so watch closely!

In general you should be able to do a 180 degree before you start with the 360 and then practise a lot to turn around a little bit more every time.


For the trick you need to be able to do a bunny hop and spin. When you are spinning your bike around you need to focus your eyes at one point, to land on the same place and to make a full 360 degree turn. You need a lot of energy and tension in your body, especially the lower body, to make a full 360 turn. Be sure to know how the movement of your body must be, you can practise it without the bike first.


The most important tip from professional bmx rider Ryan Taylor is to have a full control over your body and your bike all the time to do the trick as best as you can! Ryan is focusing more on the bunny hop then on the spinning but every 360 trick is looking different.


To continue the process of learning to do basics and tricks on your bike, Collective will upload more videos with Ryan Taylor and other professional rider like Jake100 to give you the chance to improve your bike skills! Wether you are riding a RT1 BMX, C1 BMX or the new C100 Wheelie Bike


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Check the video out here: 


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