Ryan Taylor, Jake100 and a lot of talented kids from London met to have an insane swerve Sunday together, trying out new challenges on their bikes on the swerve Sunday!


They went to B&Q to get some tools and material for building up an obstacle. They decided to build a door, which they called “DOORA” with a gas bulb on it to use it for a new bike challenge. After having some fun at the store and building it up together, they stand it up in the middle of a street.

Many kids come to join the event on the street including loads of kids on their own Collective Bikes C100 Wheelie MTB by Jake100 and the cars were not able to use the street any more. Ryan started the challenge by holding the gas bulb high on the door and the riders tried to go under the bar. Unfortunately the police came after a short time and explained that they have to search a new location because it is not allowed to use this street for this.


Ryan and the whole team moved to a new location and they carry on with the challenge. They put the gas bulb on the door “DOORA” a little bit lower, into the next heavy level. The kids showed their whole talent to handle the challenge and ride their bikes in an insane way under the pole. Everybody had a lot of fun, riding their bikes and spending time together with Ryan Taylor, Wheelie Kay and Jake100. Each level got very hard as the gas bulb on the door got lower and lower. The riders did their best, had a lot fun and showed insane skills avoiding the door till the gas bulb fell down and exploded suddenly.


The swerve Sunday with all this talented riders were amazing and insane! Ryan Taylor and Collective Bikes looking forward to the next one, meeting amazing people and having a good time, so be sure that you are updated via YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and check out our bikes on !



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