Grady was induced to the Collective Bikes family by Jake100 himself after showcasing his extremely unique hybrid skills mixing ‘Bike Life’ and traditional skate park riding to make his riding one of the most unique in the ‘Bike Life’ scene. He, like his team mate Callum Bibby, was heavily involved with the testing of Jake100’s signature C100 MTB from day one. They’ve travelled to other continents together riding their bikes and living the true ‘Bike Life’ experience and enjoying the fruits of their labour. Grady continues to push the envelope with his skills on a MTB on the road in the city and at skate parks across the world.





D.O.B: 07/08/2001

Location: Dunstable

Current Bike: C100


Inspiration? My inspiration with bikes is Sam Pilgrim due to his diverse style of riding and how he uses all of his surroundings and obstacles to perform tricks.


Advice to a younger version of yourself? Push myself out of my comfort soon more often, as a child I was quite shy and wish I had been more confident and outgoing as I feel like it would have opened me up to more opportunities.


Must have when riding? Comfortable shoes, sharp back brake and my Hiplok.


Go to riding shoe? Nike Air Max 270


First bike? Muddy Fox MTB with 24” wheels. First proper bike I tried learning to wheelie.


"Spot to ride before you die?" I would love to one day go to San Francisco and wheelie across the Golden Gate Bridge. 


Lifegoal? To be successful in something I’m passionate about and make a career from doing something I love. Not working a 9-5.


What are you doing if you are not riding? Either working or spending time with Family and Friends.

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