janvier 11, 2022 1 lire la lecture

Last weekend Ryan Taylor took over Bike Stormz in Central London. The Certifam pulled up with their BMX and MTB bikes and had the chance to meet Ryan Taylor. They really enjoyed themselves while riding through London with him!    

Of course Ryan made an entrance with his MERCERTIES and the kids really liked his new whip. He then stood on the roof of the car to greet the CERTIFAM.

"Bike Stormz" #BikesUpKnivesDown is about kids meeting up and riding their bikes together.The event is a statement against violence and is all about the kids having fun while riding bikes together. 

Ryan Taylor stopped by the charity "Carney's Community" to give out free Collective Bikes C1 BMX bikes and CERTIFAM T-Shirts to some of his suscribers so they also had the chance to join Bike Stormz in Central London!

The CERTIFAM really enjoyed the event and the kids had an amazing time! They even pulled up their COLLECTIVE BMX BIKES and showed off their tricks! 

Jake100, who originally set up this event, showed off some tricks on his new Collective Bikes C100 wheelie MTB bike.

Later that day Youtuber Nightscape backflipped off Tower Bridge. Watch the video on his Youtube channel!

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