janvier 11, 2022 1 lire la lecture

When the deal was made with Ryan to take on CollectiveBikes, he made it clear he was passionate about finally making a Signature range of products properly, previously he was limited to freedom and control when working with brands such as Mafia Bikes and Hyper Bike Co.

We was messing around in a bar in London one day and agreed that a Ryan Taylor Signature series would be on the agenda moving into 2018! Ryan was picking his brains all evening trying to think of a cool name for the range. 

One of the guys involved with collective shouted "Yo RT!? .... RT1!"

It clicked from that moment and Ryan never looked back! he began working with our design team for a logo, and it all clicked together, RT1 it was he decided he wanted anyone who was a RT fan to be able to join the RT1 range weather a experienced level rider or a beginner! So we have decided to develop a frame, and by 2018 end, also bring you the RT1 Complete Bike!