janvier 11, 2022 1 lire la lecture

Ryan Taylor is back in London for two days to visit some events in the city. He met friends and people from Certifam at SneakerCon to have a good time with them and doing funny things, like boxing matches just for fun.


Before he left Dubai, he and his friends made some insane films and crazy pictures with expensive, insane cars and the new bmx bike RT1 from Collective bikes. Friends from Dubai drove crazy with their exclusive cars and made a lot of smoke while Ryan jumps of the bonnet of one of the cars. Amazing riding on his Collective Bikes RT1!


Because Ryan Taylor had an amazing time in Dubai he decided to go back for a while. The weather, the people and the whole city made the time so special for him. So be excited about new crazy content from Ryan Taylor's time in Dubai and Ryan Taylor on Youtube!