Ryan Taylor and Jake100 in Dubai with Collective Bikes

Ryan Taylor and Jake100 in Dubai with Collective Bikes

Jake100 and Ryan Taylor are on a trip in Dubai with the new Collective Bikes C1 Burst BMX bike and the Collective Bikes C100 MTB/Bikelife bike from Collective bikes to have an insane time in the amazing city of Dubai. They plan to produce projects together with talented people such as the new creative director of Collective Bikes Huon Barlow and Photographer Gabe Visuals.


Before the trip started there where some difficulties, but they finally made it to Dubai to have an insane time there. In Dubai there is no bikelife or BMX scene like in London or LA, there are no kids who are riding their bikes on the streets. So Jake and Ryan Taylor decided to change this and to ride their new bikes in the streets of Dubai. The people there have never seen someone who is riding their bike like BMX rider Ryan Taylor or bikelife rider Jake100 from the city of London.


The trip was crazy as Jake100 was  riding on the streets of Dubai with his C100 and a car tried to run him off the road. Ryan tried to find this guy to talk to him, but unfortunately he lost him in the traffic of the city. After this crazy experience the guys meet his friends from Dubai, to ride the RT1 and have a good time together. Ryan was able to drive a Lamborghini and they produced new videos and epic pictures from the BMX bike and the new C100 in the city in the middle of the desert. Keep an eye of the content they made on the Collective Bikes YouTube channel!


There will be more videos in the next days about the new bikes, as well as how to videos from Ryan and Jake100 and the life of Ryan Taylor with his friends in Dubai on the YouTube channel, so stay tuned about the next crazy news from the Dubai trip!


Check out the Video below: 


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