Pat Casey - Dream Yard 3! - Best BMX Video Ever?

So, the lack of BMX content on the internet recently in terms of flat out riding edits has slowed down hugely over the last year or 2, this is sad for me as growing up i'd log onto Vital BMX or Ride BMX to watch riders from all over the world lay it down in all kinds of BMX edits and online videos.

But that kind of content has slowed down so much so, that i find myself not watching any BMX edits any more, 

Until today.

Pat Casey shared his new "Dream Yard 3" edit for Monster Energy filmed at his famous back yard ramps which i had the pleasure of riding back in February. And must i say of all the BMX edits i missed i feel like this one was worth waiting for! This could be one of the best BMX videos you watch, ever. And if you happen to have a Macbook or high quality device i highly advise you to watch it in 4K, even streaming from YouTube, its a real experience.


Barney Pauley - CEO Collective Bikes

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