“When I’m riding, I’m just in my zone, I’m free, It’s me. Nobody can stop me!” LIL JON
This video on Ryan Taylor's YouTube Channel is about an amazing and talented young rider called Lil Jon from London. Ryan Taylor is spending the day together with Lil Jon in the skate park and the streets of London. He is giving him his own RT1 complete BMX bike from Collective Bikes. The RT1 complete BMX bike from Collective Bikes is the highest quality BMX bike in the UK for the price and the new bench mark in complete BMX bikes. Ryan Taylor wants to give something back to his community, to the kids he is inspiring and by which Ryan Taylor get inspired too!
The bike was donated by our team rider Brock Horneman, Brock wanted to do something cool and give back to the community with his old RT1 build after building up a brand new Collective Bikes RT1 by Ryan Taylor for his trip to United States and Africa. 
Lil Jon is riding his RT1 from Collective Bikes for the first time and shows some insane trick on his new RT1 BMX bike in the skate park. This young, talented rider is always practising and learning to get better and better. Lil Jon reminds Ryan Taylor of himslf when he was younger growing up in Walsall, Birmingham! This guy is the future! Riding his bike means a lot for Lil Jon, it keeps him away from the difficulties of growing up in rough neighbourhoods in London! This bike is not a new one because Brock Horneman was riding it before, but he was sure this motivated kid would ride it more! Lil Jon is a part of the Collective family and now riding his own RT1 complete BMX bike.


Lil Jon is speaking about his life, what it means to be on the streets of London and spending time in the skate park. Lil Jon loves to Wheelie with his BMX bike or the MTB bike. After one of his bikes get robbed in the past and he had an accident while doing Wheelie he was thinking of ending riding BMX, but that was no option for Lil Jon. When he was younger his dad was with him on the skate park, now he can take his RT1 complete BMX bike from Collective Bikes, and his helmet which Ryan Taylor makes sure he wears and goes by himself. He is 13 years old, living in Hackney, East London and loves to ride his RT1 BMX bike. Lil Jon is spending the most of his time on his bike, what helps him to focus on the important things in life.


Lil Jon is giving an advice to everybody else in his age group to focus on the right things in life, push yourself in this direction and make your parents proud! This amazing boy is part of Collective Bikes family! Get your own bike from Collective and become a part of the family too!


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