Collective Bikes and Jake100 have been working on Jake100's first project for the brand and his first documentary showcasing his skills and telling his story within bike life.

Jake100's Keeping it 100 takes you on a journey through his come up from the early days of growing up in east london and riding his bike everyday to now being one of the faces of the bike life scene, becoming a Nike athlete and Designing his own C100 wheelie MTB with Collective Bikes.

In 'Keeping it 100' he takes you from the streets of London where it all start before moving on to Dubai where he takes the Bike Life movement to part of the world that have never experienced anything like it. Lastly he takes you to the sunny hills of Los Angeles, where the bike life scene continues to grow bigger and bigger. performing never done before wheelie's on hills at high speeds of over 50mph.

Keeping it 100 documentary was premiered at the December 1st Collective Bikes pop up shop after party, where we showcased all the new ranges of bikes from Ryan Taylor's RT1 to the renowned C1 BMX bikes and the new Bounce BMX mini bikes all from Collective Bikes. 


Check the video out now live on the Collective Bikes YouTube channel! here:


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