janvier 11, 2022 1 lire la lecture

This instalment of Collective Bikes "inside the life" continues to explore the life's of influential figures in the world of bikes. Collective Bikes takes you inside the life of OneWheelWavey, He shares his journey riding dirt bikes and perfecting his craft while growing up in London and giving you a glimpse of his rise to fame in the bike life movement.


ONEWHEELWAVEY takes you on a journey through his come up in the bike life scene riding dirt bikes through the streets of London, and being treated as a criminal for living his passion and displaying his skills. His run ins with the police and his trials and tribulations across the world riding his bike. OneWheelWavey's inside the life takes you on his journey to Paris for the Halloween ride out in October 2018. 

He talks about the bike life culture and the future for the kids looking up to him and providing them the right advise to anyone wanting to share his passion!

ONEWHEELWAVEY inside the life was premiered at the December 1st Collective Bikes pop-up shop after party, 

where we showcased all the new ranges of bikes from Ryan Taylor's RT1 to the renowned C1 BMX bikes and the new Bounce BMX mini bikes all from Collective Bikes. 

Check the video out now live on the Collective Bikes YouTube channel! here: