Highlights from a Collective Bikes team trip to Rampworx skatepark in Liverpool on LittleHarry15 YouTube Channel.


Collective Bikes and talented riders like @Jake100, @RJ, @Wheelie_kay, @callumbibby, and @gradyr_ & @littleharry15 spend an amazing and crazy day at rampworx Skatepark with their C100 MTB, and RT1 Aftermarket parts from Collective Bikes. Little Harry takes you on his YouTube Channel LittleHarry15 through the day, so check out this video together with Collective Bikes!


The Collective family started the trip in London, five bikes and all the boys in Ryan Taylor's van, ready for a good session on their bikes! When they arrived they checked out the rampworx Skatepark first and were super happy about this location with many opportunities to have an insane time on the bikes. Many ramps,special pump tracks, cool obstacles and a foam makes this Skatepark very special. Rampworx gave access to the Collective Bikes team in the day time when it was closed to have a private session until the Bike Night by Rampworx started in the evening.


@LittleHarry15, @Jake100 and the other one had a lot of fun spending the day together with their bikes from Collective Bikes. As @LittleHarry15 arrived he had to replace the grips on his C100 MTB, designed by @Jake100 and Collective Bikes. After this he started to test the Skatepark with his Mountain Bike and friends. Everybody had a lot of fun to start competitions and jump into the foam with their RT1 BMX and C100 Mountain Bikes from Collective Bikes.


@Jake100, @Callumbibby and many other riders started an extreme ‘floor is lava’ (or commonly known as 'Foot Down' in the BMX industry) challenge, which was really hard for everybody because of the high number of riders and bikes and the small bowl ramp. Any kind of bikes, like C100 MTB and C1 BMX bike from Collective were part of this game. Including anybody who took part in the bike night session at RampWorx, no matter what type of bike including full downhill MTB's and SE Bikes.


Apart from the Collective Bikes team there were a lot of amazing riders at the rampworx Skatepark, who enjoyed the time! Some kids were excited to ride with @LittleHarry15 and @Jake100 and they were happy they got to take some pictures together!


Thanks to the rampworx Skatepark for the opportunity to test the park with our C100 Mountain bikes, C1 and RT1 BMX bikes from Collective Bikes! You can find all of our bikes at our website on CollectiveBikes.com! Be sure you are updated about new videos, events and products via Instagram, Facebook and YouTube! Become a part of Collective family!

Check out LittleHarry15's video from the trip below on his YouTube channel!



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