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The black bike – a must have!

Pre-order your black C1 BMX or C100 MTB bike now!

Suitable for every outfit, every mood and every day, the black bike is the perfect companion! With endless styling, quality components, lightweight parts and quality feel, the Collective Bikes C1 complete BMX bike in black is your ideal partner for every ride. The Collective Bikes C1 is the highest quality entry level BMX bike in the UK for the price and the new bench mark in entry level complete BMX bikes. The black C1 complete BMX bike is tested by Ryan Taylor himself and put through paces completing flips, flairs and spins as usually performed on bikes other a£1000. This black C1 BMX bike convince with style and high quality. The black Collective Bikes C1 complete BMX bike is the perfect companion, suits to every of your favourite shoes for your ride and every location. Classic, stylish everyday!



The black Collective Bikes C100 Mountain bike is the worlds first MTB designed specifically for wheelies and the ability to do all the things you expect from a high specification MTB. Because of the high demand, the black C100 designed by Jake100 as his ultimate wheelie MTB, endless styling, quality components, lightweight pro parts and quality feel is back in stock on our Collective Bikes website soon! The black colour with some orange details on the bike will bring you a lot of attention. Jake100, as well as @_rj._ are riding their black C100 MTB in the busy streets in London, New York and other amazing locations in the whole world!



The black BMX and MTB bike from Collective Bikes is back now! Become a part of the Collective family and make a pre-order!



Make sure you keep updated about Collective Bikes on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our Website! Become a part of the Collective Bikes family and buy one of our bikes, like the Collective Bikes C1 BMX bike, tested by Ryan Taylor himself! or the highly coveted Collective Bikes C100 MTB by Jake100.