janvier 11, 2022 1 lire la lecture

BMX rider Ryan Taylor experienced a very serious situation the other day when he was chilling at home with his pregnant fiancé.

Multiple armed police officers and SWAT team with helicopters turned up at his house and held heavy loaded guns at him and contained him. Ryan Taylor was totally confused and shooked and told them not to hurt his pregnant fiancé who was staying upstairs during the incident.

Throughout the event he filmed the whole incident so you can see the footage in the video.

He shouted at the officers that he was innocent and unarmed but they kept him down. His fiancé started crying and felt absolutely frightened and confused.

Basically someone rang the cops and made the call that an armed white shirtless tattooed male with black shorts wanted to break into the house to kill the whole family inside. The police immediately reacted and took the call very serious. They thought Ryan Taylor was the described perpetrator and that's why they handled the situation this way. This has become a renound prank pulled on YouTubers and online gamers.

When everything calmed down the officers explained the situation to them. Someone basically pranked or SWATTED him. The police are now handling the case.

Ryan is especially warning his American viewers about this prank.

He now feels violated because he got attacked at his own home and the event really shooked him. He doesn't feel safe anymore there and doubts staying for the safety of his family.

Watch the video down below: