Mike Varga


Mike blew up in the world of BMX over night with the release of his online riding videos straight out of Joyride150 skate park in Toronto, He shocked the world with a way of riding and a bag of BMX tricks nobody had witnessed before. His outbreak lead to him becoming one of the hottest names on the BMX circuit in a short space of time, getting him a spot on Monster Energy Pro team. He continues to innovate BMX by travelling the world cometing and releasing online riding videos from his famous back yard ramp setup. And portrays the life of a modern day BMX star.



D.O.B: Nov 22 1996

Location: Oshawa Ontario Canada

Current Bike: Collective Rt1

Inspiration? My inspiration is the love of riding. All about how it feels when being creative on my bike.


Advice to a younger version of yourself? Younger version Varga needs to have more fun and stress less at events. Enjoy the little things. Relax and feel good and you ride good!!


Must have when riding? Helmet and inflated tires.


Go to riding shoe? Vans


First bike? Walmart brand not sure which one. Broke off a curb. haha


"Spot to ride before you die?" Definitely would like to ride some crazy trails. Not sure which ones but need to get to some more dirt riding!! Besides that my favourite place is my ramp!!


Lifegoal? Have fun stay healthy and be positive. Live as long as I can!! 


What are you doing if you are not riding? Lots of things I snowmobile, snowboard, dirt bike, build dirt jumps, drive my lowered car and many others daily things.



Instagram mikevargabmx