Brock Horneman


Brock started his BMX career out of his hometown in Brisbane Australia.  A hotspot for world class park riding since 2010. His skills continued to grow and soon made a style unique to Brock. His skills landed him a spot on the Monster Energy team in 2016. He started traveling to the U.K back in 2012. Since coming to the U.K various times, he made a more permanent move to the U.K in 2017, And after deciding to take his BMX career to the next level in 2018 he came to London met up with Ryan and the team and became a part of the Collective Bikes family living the dream riding bikes and having fun in London. Since then riding his bike and perfecting his craft is the main focus! His 2019 has been filled with traveling the world and filming for his famous DS (daily sessions) videos on his YouTube channel. And entering contests all over the world constantly on the move.


Brock Horneman 



D.O.B: 08/10/1994

Location: Australia

Current Bike: Collective Bikes Rt1


Inspiration? My family, Connor Mcgregor


Advice to a younger version of yourself? Be more patient and fucking send it! 


Must have when riding? Camera and helmet


Go to riding shoe? Vans Kyle walkers


First bike? Huffy


"Spot to ride before you die?" Jaycee Park, Greenville


Lifegoal? Own my own personal brand and travel the world with the homies filming videos.


What are you doing if you are not riding? What are you doing if you are not riding? Usually editing or chillen with Friends



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