enero 11, 2022 1 lectura mínima

Our newest member of the Collective Bikes family LittleHarry15 on his brand new Collective Bikes C100 MTB by fellow bike life rider Jake100 shows you how to do wheelie's around corners for his first how to on the Collective Bikes YouTube channel!

I this Video LittleHarry15 shows you all the steps you need to achieve a wheelie around a corner!

The first step Little Harry explains you need to get up on the rear wheel and be able to hold a wheelie! The next step Harry explains whatever corner you're going around you need to lean the bike towards that way but keep your body and weight towards the opposite way the bike is leaning to keep your balance and make it much easier to turn while doing the wheelie! 

Harry shows you in slow motion on his C100 a perfect wheelie around a corner showing you how he shifts his weight! and shows you that you need to do the complete reverse actions to be able to wheelie around a corner in the other direction! 

This is the first how to from LittleHarry15 for CollectiveBikes on the new C100 BikeLife MTB but there will be many more to come! 


Check the video out below!