There is a new YouTube video online on our Collective Bikes YouTube Channel, the third instalment of “SWERVE SUNDAY” with Ryan Taylor and amazing, talented kids on C100 and C1 bikes from Collective Bikes. Many kids joined the competition and the event from Ryan Taylor with their COLLECTIVE C1 COMPLETE BMX bikes, which is the highest quality entry level BMX bike in the UK for the price! And of course the Collective Bikes C100 MTB, the worlds first Mountain Bike designed specifically for wheelies and the ability to do all the things you expect from a high specification MTB. The young riders are showing insane tricks and their Talent in this challenge with Ryan Taylor and the Collective family, so be sure you watch this video from Collective Bikes!


Ryan Taylor, @wheelie_jon , @_rj._ as well as other talented riders with their bikes from Collective Bikes were part of this “SWERVE SUNDAY”, which challenged the riders and their bikes a lot. They built up “DOORA” again, put a gas bulb on it and added some new challenges too, to make it more difficult for the young riders. Ryan Taylor build up a course for the riders with different difficulties. The kids started the competition in which every rider had just two lives. The difficult part of this course was, that the kids have to ride inside the lines without crashing into "DOORA" or damage their bikes. 


@_rj._ riding his black Collective Bikes C100 MTB, is showing how he deals with this challenge of the new course. After this Ryan Taylor make the challenge harder. Now a gas bulb is laying on the floor and makes it more difficult for the kids and their bikes. If you want to know, who this talented kids like @wheelie_jon and @_rj._ are, just check out this video on our Collective Bikes YouTube Channel, in which everyone introduces themselves.


Ryan Taylor put another gas bulb on “DOORA” for level number 2. Many Collective Bikes C100 MTB`s and Collective Bikes C1 complete BMX bikes were used to handle this challenge and ride through this insane course of different difficulties! Suddenly @_rj._ crashed into “DOORA” with his C100 MTB`s from Collective Bikes and the gas bulb fall down and exploded! After this happened, many young riders struggled with the challenge too and there was many broken glass on the floor. Everybody was very excited as one rider crashed into “DOORA” and broke his bike! His bike was completely broken into two pieces in the middle and he landed on the ground! It was not easy for Ryan Taylor to find the winner of this competition at the “SWERVE SUNDAY” from Collective Bikes but then he figured out the winner: Bryce!


This “SWERVE SUNDAY” with Ryan Taylor and Collective Bikes was an amazing and insane event with lots of fun and crazy tricks, crashes and bikes, Including both Collective Bikes BMX's and MTB's. This was the last “SWERVE SUNDAY” with gas bulbs on “DOORA”, next time there will be a new excited and difficult challenge for the riders, so make sure you are updated about Collective Bikes on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our Website! Become a part of the Collective Bikes family and buy one of our bikes, like the Collective Bikes C1 BMX bike, tested by Ryan Taylor himself! or the highly coveted Collective Bikes C100 MTB by Jake100. 



Check the video out now on the Collective Bikes YouTube channel! here:



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