enero 11, 2022 2 lectura mínima

BIKELIFE rider Jake O'Neill, better known as @jake100_ on Instagram is part of Collective Bikes with his new C100! With over 80k followers he shares new tricks as well as spectacular pictures and videos. With his success on the bike also the brand Nike became aware of him, with whom he has a cooperation now. Jake is on the way to the top!


In the streets of London at home, he makes the environment unsafe. Together with Ryan Taylor they have already experienced one or the other insane and spectacular ride with their BMX bikes. He enjoys to ride his bike with his friends and experiencing the life of the city.


Now he created his own, amazing bike with us! The Collective Bikes C100!


The look of the bike is directly connected with the streets of London. The black line on the outstanding orange colour is reminiscent of the lines of the underground trains from London. It´s a hand picked paint by Jake100 and shows his connection with the city!


The redesigned bike has many special features created directly with Jake. It has a reinforced rear triangle and a hand picked geometry by Jake100. Furthermore, it has 1 by 10 gearing by Shimano and Shimano hydraulic brakes. Another feature of the new bike is the hollowtech Shimano bottom bracket. To withstand everything the bikelife can throw at it.


If you want to see the BMX bike C100 in action and more details, check out Jake and Collective Bikes on Instagram! Be sure you are updated about Ryan Taylor's and Jakes new crazy rides through the streets of London!